Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Why I Wrote?" -#Sol 16 -- Day 31

"Why I Wrote?" - #Sol 16 -- Day 31

Inspired by Terry Tempest Williams

I wrote because my colleagues invited me, encouraged me, coaxed me, and finally persuaded me to write every day during one of the longest months of the year.

I wrote despite my initial fear, concern that I would run out of words, run out of ideas, bore myself, bore readers. I wrote despite my fear that once the thoughts in my mind emerged into letters and words, I would not or could not stop.

I wrote against the fear that writing would take over as laundry and dishes piled up.  I wrote....

Poems visited me. The departed gave a nod.  Thoughts buried in my mind peeked from behind the curtain of my thoughts, and places I have not seen for many years traveled to me.

Memories long forgotten resurfaced...

A "Slice of Life" every single day: a glimpse of our day, thoughts, and feelings.

I continued to write as long forgotten memories resurfaced in the form of the red gate, the ice cream sundaes, the "deferred dreams" (Hansberry). I wrote because each evening I looked forward to enjoying captivating and poignant "slices" from my colleagues' lives and days. Sharing and receiving comments was fun! What a writing feast this "Slice of Life" challenge.  Comments gave me an incentive to keep writing as people were listening. I wrote as I realized the beauty of community of writers and readers. A community I want to create in my classroom.

I wrote because I could not stay quiet after reading fellow colleagues' entries that sharpened my mind, widened my horizons, and sparked questions for me to explore.

I wrote in search of joy.

When stuck, I followed any image that emerged and let it lead me to an unexpected piece and a welcomed peace.

I wrote because I can't give up.
I write now to wish you all joy and lots of reading and writing for the remaining months of the school year.
I write now to say goodbye.

Is it blog party time yet? Bring some tea. Bring some fruits. Bring your colleagues' captivating blogs and share!


  1. Natasha, you captured so eloquently (and with humor at times) the ebb and flow of the monthlong daily writing. I too long to create a community of writers in my classroom. Thank you for the lovely invitation to a tea party to celebrate. We are going to make happen!
    Every day for the last month I've looked forward to reading your slices as well as the comments in response to your words. What a treat. I'm so glad we experienced this month together.

  2. I was wondering what you'd write on the last day of the month, and oh, I so feel the sense of accomplishment and relief that March 31 has come and gone, but also the hope and joy that came with trusting in those images and dreams that were the genesis of posts and my real sense that this blog was a gift to you as well as a gift to all of us, your readers.

    And no, you did neglect other parts of your life because you did this--at least I think I know that.

    What are your blog plans? Will you blog once a week or month? If so, I wonder how that will feel to you. By the way, I think this post is a poem. I love it! Will miss knowing that there's always something new here to read. But I will look forward to reading whenever there's something new to read, and I'll look forward to reading again some of your March posts.

    Hope you're celebrating; let's drink tea soon!