Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Little Reminder

A Little Reminder--#Sol16

Day 8

Work Life Balancehttp://kodjoworkout.com/2013/03/tips-to-replenish-your-mind-and-body-at-work/

A poem has been tiptoeing in and out of my mind
Bowing away instead of taking a bow
She is taking the time to remind me that
I can

But that sounds so trite trite
But important when
My mind is heavy
With worry. When even a simple
Daily task seems over-
Whelming, she taps
Me lightly on my tired
Worn lead shoulders:
A fluttering touch as if
Afraid I might shrug her off.
A little poem that does
Not yearn to be
Published as she knows
Her message is not new.
A little Promise that lifts
The heaviness from my shoulders
The heaviness from my heart
The papers waiting to be
Graded, the dishes in the sink
The laundry accumulating in the hamper
The bathtub waiting for its

She reminds me you've
Done it again and again
And will do it
again and again.

(*My son cooking a deliciously simple dinner tonight truly helped!)


  1. Bowing away instead of taking a bow... I love this phrase in your poem. You have a sweet lilting meter to this poem and it's just very lovely

  2. You capture so well the hope that the flutter of words as a poem in your heart offers against the backdrop of the stuff that weighs you down. I so love the four lines that open and close this poem, perfect bookends. Also these lines: "she taps / Me lightly on my tired / Worn lead shoulders"... yes, this is the grace of writing.

    1. Thank you. My son cooking dinner tonight really helped!

    2. He's truly a wonder. You've raised a wonderful young man.

  3. Those duties do seem to add up don't they? I love this little poem and it seems that she was most successful. :-)

  4. "She is taking the time to remind me that I can", oh how lovely. Your words bring pictures to my mind. So glad your son was cooking dinner! That always helps. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  5. Love the fluttering touch and the promise of your poem.

  6. You're blog reminds me daily that blog-writing and poetry-writing can partner--and that's just the inspiration I need right now. Thank you! As I read the comments you've already received, I can see that we all feel the reminder and promise fulfilled.

  7. It's never easy, is it? I think that's why we have poetry: to help us work out these conundrums and pushes and pulls. I love your prose and your poetry. Whenever you post a poem, it's a gift that I love. Thank you.