Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Roller Skating #Sol 16- Day 30

Roller Skating - #Sol 16- Day 30

I love roller skating.  I remember my skates back in the 70s: a metal contraption with thick leather straps and grating wheels.

In the afternoon, the older girls would play double dutch. Since I could not master simultaneously jumping with two twirling cords, I would try to get the girls' attention by offering them cookies or putting on my roller skates and fighting my way against the bumpy concrete to "roller skate" up and down my block.

I remember later when I was older, my father bought me these beautiful skates: white with yellow wheels.

Vintage Roller Skates // White Retro Skates // Vintage Roller Derby Skates // Sure Grip Ridell Skates

These roller skates were my dream skates.  Skating round and round a rink while listening to my favorite 80's songs was my favorite. I think we used to go somewhere in New York called...Oh, well, I cannot remember the name...I am getting old.

When it was warm, I could also roller skate in Central Park. I was never a pro, but I just loved gliding along under a summer sky and slamming into walls when I could not stop elegantly. I never trusted those stoppers or "brakes" in the front. I always thought I would topple over if I tried to lift my ankle and use the "stopper."

Eventually, I outgrew these skates and went skating less.  The last time I went skating I rented skates and had fun trying to get back in the groove. I could not relate to the contemporary music. The kids were much quicker than I. Therefore, I stayed close to the wall and tried to glide around and around trying not to collide into anyone.

I still have fun! Hoping to go skating one day this summer!


  1. What a wonderful memory - I could totally relate to your first skates...I wasn't lucky enough to have my own shoe skates like your next pair. Love the image of you in Central Park slamming into walls to stop. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh take me with you, please! We had roller skating in gym class in my elementary school in HK. Round and round and round with awesome 80s music ... Best gym class EVER! No teams to be rejected from, either.
    Have you tried rollerblading? I still prefer old school skates just like the ones your dad got you.
    I love thinking of you skating in Central Park. What a feeling!

  3. I loved skating. There's a huge part of me that can't wait for E to get his first skates and for us to go to the skating rink. I can envision a young you skating along in Central Park. What a wonderful memory! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I too LOVED roller skating as a kid! I went to the roller rink in our small town -- it was The Coolest Place to have your birthday parties! Unfortunately it's long closed.... Thank you for making me think of it so many years later!

  5. I loved skating, too! I had the metal ones, and then one Christmas I got white ones like yours...and a red plaid skating outfit sewn by my mother- with a short skirt and a vest over a white blouse. I went to the skating rink every Saturday night. What fun!

  6. Roller skating. Loved this!! Totally brings me right back to my childhood. LOVE the pics of skates!!!

  7. One thing I've loved about your blog all month is discovering all the things you loved and still love that I never knew about before. Yes, you're writing is wonderful, but I've loved learning much more about about you, my friend!